A New Open Educational Resource Platform

I’ve kind of been out of the loop the past few days, but I have seen a few posts concerning sharing of resources – ideas – lessons – curriculum.  I’ll be honest, this is where I sometimes get overwhelmed – so many resources and my math teacher ADHD takes over, then I get nothing accomplished.
A few weeks ago, I placed my name on a wait list (& you can too!) for a new open-ed platform.  You can read the press release from last fall here and a list of #goopen states and districts here.  I was excited when I received an invitation to be a private beta participant.  However, with the last days of school looming, I had to focus on the job at hand and get the year wrapped up.  Now that I’ve had a few days away, I’m excited to begin exploring this new tool.
 What little time I’ve spent perusing this evening, it seems you can search uploaded K12 materials tagged grade level, subject, standards, target audience, resource type, time to complete, format, PD options, DoK, even type of license.  As a user, I can rate materials and write a review.
So far, the platform seems user friendly, easy to search. What I hope to find are quality lessons and resources that will enhance what I already do in the classroom.  I look forward to sharing more as I explore!  Amazon Teacher Innovator Badge

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