Zoom-In and STW #makthinkvis


April 2013

Following our unit pre-assessment, I used the following slides as part of an introduction to Similarity and Right Triangle Trig. while implementing Thinking Routines Zoom-In (page 64) and See-Think-Wonder (page 55) of Ritchhart, Church and Morrison’s Making Thinking Visible.  This was used as a hook for student engagement as we introduced the unit.

Moving left to right, then down, each time pausing and allow students to share their thinking STW.

These are snapshots from The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Frankfort, Kentucky.  Avery Smith was my uncle.  A man I never knew, but every story I’ve heard was how selfless he was in everything he did.

vietnamsundial From the memorial website: The design concept is in the form of a large sundial. The stainless steel gnomon casts its shadow upon a granite plaza. There are 1,103 names of Kentuckians on the memorial, including 23 missing in action. Each name is engraved into the plaza, and placed so that the tip of the shadow touches his name on the anniversary of his death, thus giving each fallen veteran a personal Memorial Day.

The location of each name is fixed mathematically by the date of casualty, the geographic location of the memorial, the height of the gnomon and the physics of solar movement. The stones were then designed and cut to avoid dividing any individual name.

Students had several questions – wonderings about what type of math could be needed to design such an amazing memorial.

The follow-up was with random objects outside on the sidewalk at school.

We then utilized QFT Model for creating questions – you can read more details here.


We could easily refer back to their questions as we explored more in the unit.

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