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I guess one can tell I taught geometry the first time I read this book.

I am grabbing this information from an Evidence File submitted for our Program Reviews…  formative assessment, student led questions, problem solving CTE, design-Art, communication, writing and exploration.

Triangle Centers:

This task was presented as an introduction to the unit for discussion, then revisited after student investigations.  I actually used the Notice/Wonder routine, however, it could easily be modified to fit TPE.

Evidence:  After constructing special points of intersections in triangles with patty paper, students were asked to share what they noticed and wondered about the geometric figures.  A list of questions generated by students.  They were given the task of choosing a number of questions to explore using Geogebra software.  Following the investigations, students shared their findings and then used the software and what they had learned to answer a problem about location of an amusement park.  See list of questions below.

triangle centers

Triangle Centers Amusement Park modified from Georgia Department of Education.

What I love about the Amusement Park task is that there is no single correct answer.  There are multiple solutions, students were simply asked to share evidence of why they chose their particular location.  Students could either write a memo and/or present their findings to their classmates, which offer led to more questions of why? what? how?


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