#TMC16 #CthenC Morning Session Norms


A very quick post about something I’ve thought about since Saturday morning

Our facilitators David, Jasper and Kaitlin were so on point. The models they provided tied many loose ends together for me from previous ideas and routines I’ve attempted to implement.  The contemplate then calculate routine felt a lot like Five Practices for Discussions (Smith & Stein).

I will post more about those specific experiences later.  But for this afternoon – I wanted to share the norms shared from the first day.


We read.  Then discussed which would be easiest, hardest.  I felt many that felt safe to do here at TMC would be difficult at home because I don’t feel safe sharing with colleagues at home – the mindsets are different and its scary trying to share new ideas, so I often don’t.

I like these norms and am fairly confident they will be shared or some version within my classroom with students early in the school year.  I’m curious, which ones do you feel will be most difficult or easiest to do?

The first one I will have most trouble with when discussing strategies because I get so excited.  I will have to focus, pause and really listen,

 Help One Another Speak:  We stay aware of and contribute to the equity of voices in the room.  If we normally don’t talk much, we will challenge ourselves to talk more.  If we find ourselves talking more than others, we will talk less.

The last one as well – Say the Thing – I feel safe here, but at home, I feel conflict, I find myself shrinking, keeping quiet just to keep peace and let things be and keep things moving…like I have no voice or at least one that anyone cares to listen to.  Everything feels like such a battle and at some point, I became too tired to battle anymore.

Say the Thing:  We take the responsibility to say the thing everyone is thinking, but that others may be scared or hesitant to say.  We say the thing that might make us different or sound crazy, but that no one else will ever say.

Self-Responsibility – we take what we came for.


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