#TMC16 My Tourist Experience


Thursday – Several early arrivals walked to Acadia.  Crunchy fish tacos with a spicy aioli, pickled veggies was exactly what I wanted after a long day of traveling!  Afterwards we walked the area with Amy Z & Bob J.  As we began to make our way back on the bridge of East/West we noticed a shoe tree.  Carazzyyy.  This tree was huge tall and shoes all the way down to the ground…we were on the bridge.


Friday – A morning full of Desmos goodness, now able to hear the graphs – amazing tool for visually impaired!  Some yummy pizza/salad fueled us up for an afternoon of more Desmos!  Can you say Card Sorts and Marble Slides and a new dashboard!?!  Yayaa!

A trip to the ballpark, my first order of cheese curds and a cuban sandwich with spicy mustard.  Eaten separately, ehh, but a big bite to include all components, scrumptious.  I got to meet Lisa Winer, who sent me the coolest Flip & Translate (Whip/NaeNae) tshirt from their math Team!  Enjoyed the Friday Fireworks with Meg and our new TMCer Renee who kindly gave us a ride back to the hotel, being our personal tour guide around down town.  We even got to see the cherry & spoon sculpture!

20160715_191249.jpg  Me & my roadtrip buddy Kristin sporting our vintage Twins caps!  Get this, we walked over with Joel from Nashville and Hedge from MS, when we grabbed our tickets to enter the stadium, now remember Lisa had placed these in envelopes, labled with our names…we all four were sitting in a row.  Now, really, what are the chances of that happening?

Saturday – an outside lunch with lovely new friends at Town Hall Brewery.  The BBQ had a slightly sweet sauce, a bite of heat at the end.  Lynne described the fries as sinfully cooked, super crunchy!  Mary and Tina’s salads  looked amazing!



Saturday night a rather large and lively group of TMCers walked over to Pizza Luce.  I enjoyed the wild mushroom pizza, the crust was light, with a soft edge, light on the sauce and loaded with mushrooms – a great treat!  I swapped a slice for the loaded baked potato.   Interesting. Smashed, small red potatoes with bacon, broccoli, cheese and and smeared with some sour cream.  It was oddly very good.

Sunday lunch I walked over to Seward Cafe with                                                                            a few of my C20160717_131612.jpganadian buddies and a couple of new friends Carol and Debbie.  Several went on and on how delicious the hummus sandwich was.  The half BLT was huge and the creamy tomato soup hit the spot!


Sunday night we took the tram over to Minnehaha Park, made it down the steps to see the beautiful falls, hiked back to the Confluence of the Mississippi and ended the night with some yumm-o Sri Lanken shrimp curry, heavy on cilantro!  Wow.

My amazing roommate, MaryAnn, the gang halfway through our hike and my fantastic dinner!  The evening was quiet and peaceful, exactly a break I needed for some down time and nature.

Monday came and I realized this amazing experience was nearly over.  I ventured out with Audrey and Mark for lunch at a Birchwood Cafe.  I’m normally not an all veggie gal, but something about that tomato-basil brown rice with sauteed veggies caught my eye and it made my tummy smile!  Soooo good!

Monday evening several grabbed the tram over to the Mall of America – one of those places you’ve heard of and think, okay.  But to be there is overwhelming!  The Crayola store is one happy place!  And a little #Iseemath to boot!  Did you know they have Mauvelous!  Granny Smith Apple!  Robin’s Egg Blue and even Asparagus!?!  So many fun colors.  I enjoyed a Bison Burger with Green Chile Mayo at Burger Burger and even a stop in at the SWATCH shop!  This 80’s girl was in heaven!  The Lego displays were massive!


As we walked back from the tram stop to the hotel, we savored the moment, window shopping and chatting.  The following morning I’d start my journey back home.  Everyone in Minneapolis was so nice, not just Minnesota Nice, either.  It was a great town to visit and I’ve got wonderful memories for years to come with some of my favorite friends in the world!  Thank you Augsburg for hosting our TMC16!  You have a beautiful campus!

But nothing like arriving back home to Kentucky – to see the two loves of my life…who support me and encourage me in everything I do.

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