My Hopes for #MTBoSBlaugust 2016 Post1



Thanks to @druinok I have a new challenge for August.  This has been a great summer filled with new adventures learning.  My hope is that the Blaugust challenge will allow me to focus my summer learning at I gear up for students August 10, but also, that I can utilize the challenge to develop a habit of daily reflection once school begins.

My goal is to blog more this month.  My ultimate goal would be a post a day, however I may just settle for multiple posts on days when I have the time.  Like most of you, my first days of school are Ca-RRAAAA-ZZZ YYYYY.   WE are using Springboard for our Pre-AP courses this year, so that means I’ve got to dig in with that since we just got access end of last week.  Not to mention my daughter is in marching band this year, a small part in The Little Mermaid (The Star Theater) at our local theater the last two weekends of August.

I will be outlining my first days plans this week, preparing for open house Thursday night- hopefully will post pics of room, initial training for Google Classroom pilot in our district tomorrow.  Yep, I think that qualifies the end of summer for me.  Though the pool is on our radar today and maybe some water fun on Friday.


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