Reblog: Literacy Strategies for Improving Mathematics Instruction #MTBoSBlaugust Post 2


A couple of years ago, I started working down this list as a theme for blog posts during #julychallenge.  However, I got off track and stopped.  I revisited this read earlier this evening and wondered – can I complete this exercise in teacher reflection?  So, I begin where I left off…

5. Teach reading (and other forms of literacy) as inquiry, exploration, and research.

I focused on literacy strategies for a few years and finally realized just how important it is to get students engaged, thinking about the materials.  Giving them information is not enough.  They must interact with the information, process it, use it, retrieve it…which all supports #makeitstick

The post below was from my first twitter book chat #lit4math one summer.  As I thought over this summer’s chats on Creating Cultures of Thinking and Making Thinking Visible, I realize how many of these routines have a literacy focus.  A nice, thread running through the past few years of my career.

the radical rational...

Wrapped up our twitter book chat this week over

#lit4math – Literacy Strategies for Improving Mathematics Instruction by Joan M. KenneyEuthecia HancewicLoretta Heuer .

You can read (here) how I am not a fan of writing and words.  Literacy – communication – its all the same, in my opinion;  You can read, write, speak – but its all to share/get information, right?  I do realize the importance of providing students with strategies that will help them succeed, to give them opportunities to write and talk about their thinking can be a key component in their learning to help expand their understanding of certain concepts.  I look at this chance to learn about literacy in math as a way I can learn with my students – to be open that words are my weakness – but by facing my fear – something I struggle with…

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