Helen #servantheart #MTBoSBlaugust Post 5 #lakerproud


So while S had marching band practice this morning, I went in my room to work a while.  As I walked in, I noticed finger prints all over the outside of the door.  Later, as I was walking down the hallway, I noticed those finger prints again.  Why did I keep seeing them?  I thought, I need to clean those off before I leave.

I paused to think of Miss Helen, she was my custodian in my room for several years.  I looked forward to her coming to sweep my room during my afternoon planning period – she was my daily ray of sunshine.  Humble.  Hard-working.  My Encourager.  At the end of everyday, when the hallways were emptied, she cleaned the finger prints from the windows.

Miss Helen retired a few years ago and battled Ahlzeimer’s.  She passed away just before Christmas 2014.  I remember thinking about the time a group of us bought her a Nativity – Christmas was her favorite time of year.  She was so giving of herself, her time.  She exemplified a servant’s heart.

A bit later in the morning, I’m walking back from copy room and I see several kids outside.  Okay.  Hmmm. Wonder what they’re up to…Oh. Cleaning windows.  Ooooohhh…


I stopped and watched them.  I cried.  What was God trying to tell me?  I giggled – no coincidence those finger prints kept jumping out at me.

As I sat in my room, I heard laughter as boys began jumping to reach my higher windows.

They were cleaning my windows.  And I smiled, once again, thinking of Miss Helen.  I walked over and opened the window and smiled.  They need to know – cleaning windows may mean very little to most, but its something to watch a group of teenagers give their time on a Saturday morning to impact their school and community.   We need to high five those kids and let them know we are watching and what they do matters.  Keep it up boys.  I’m proud of you.

I’m not sharing this story to point out a single group, as we have many, many student volunteers do amazing things in our community.  It just happens that this particular group was a wink from God this morning.  We all need to be reminded that even miniscule tasks can have great impact on others and when we lead with a servant’s heart – great things will happen.

Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.  

Ecclesiastes 11:1




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