Summer Reading 2016 #MTBoSBlaugust Post 7



I had big plans for the summer – reading, but I’ve only read 1 book from my initial list.  Well, I’ve skimmed a couple of them, and still have plans for Mathematical Mindsets (Boaler) this fall.  But I look back over summer and wonder – what have I done?

I’ve enjoyed time in these- a project shared with my dad – daily reading, morning coffee, evening reflection.


I finished Creating Cultures of Thinking and revisited Making Thinking Visible and had some wonderful chats with @druinok and others on Twitter about them.  CCoT was a great read after having read MTV 3 years ago.  It emphasized the implementation of the thinking routines and offered some good illustrations of them in classrooms, along with discussions that helped lead to success.

Ritchhart explains how creating a culture of thinking is more important to learning than any particular curriculum and he outlines how any school or teacher can accomplish this by leveraging 8 cultural forces: expectations, language, time, modeling, opportunities, routines, interactions, and environment.

After completing, I revisited MTV with @druinok’s first time reading it.  Again, it was challenging to see how some routines would look in math class, but some great discussion led to doable ideas.  Here is a link to slides I started creating to use as reminders during my planning time.  I hope to revisit these soon and get them completed.

While at the pool, an elementary colleague recommended Hacking Education (Barnes & Gonzales), which I already had on my Kindle.  Some good tips and thoughts for how to make simple, but high return changes to impact school.  I had actually read (listened to) The Five Minute Teacher: Maximizing Time for Learning (Barnes) while traveling over Memorial Day.  This led me to Cult of Pedagogy blog and eventually her podcast.  Since there were some nice convos coming out of #TMC16 with Make It Stick, I picked it up to skim over some highlights and notes from our chats last summer!


But I have taken time to for fun reading this summer too (@stappsarah, you’d be proud!) Ninie Hammon is my new favorite author – several of her stories have a Kentucky connection, one even mentioned a business in my hometown!

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Need to finish:

  • Walk Two Moons – my daughter asked me the other day if I had finished it yet #accountability
  • Embedding Formative Assessments
  • Principles to Actions
  • Rethinking Grading (skimmed)

On my to-read shelf:

That’s 13 books I’ve completed, reread or skimmed to review.   I still need to finish those 4!!!

In the summer of 2010, as I began my journey as part of Kentucky’s Leadership Network, I chose the shortest book to read, because “I didn’t like to read” I considered myself a nonreader and I was proud of it (smh).  But I made a decision over the next few years to begin reading more.  And I continue to make that decision, because I believe its imperative to read if I want my learners to read.  Its imperative I continue to learn if I want my learners to learn.  I must model what I wish to see in my students…

I’m pretty proud of all that I’ve read this summer, not being braggy, because it takes effort (reading is not my strong suit), yet I have grown to truly enjoy – it has become my escape.


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