Digital Hall Pass #MTBoSBlaugust Post 9


My dear friend messaged me yesterday with an idea for a digital hallpass, asking if it could be done.  Sure, let’s try it.  So this evening, this is a basic idea of what we come up with…

Create a g-Form.

This one actually asks students to submit name, then whether they are leaving or returning to class.  Based on the response, it sends them to destination dropdown menu if leaving or submit response if returning.  Since the g-Sheet will time stamp responses, there is no need to ask for time.

Copy the share link and create a QR code on the hall pass to post in specific spot in classroom for students to scan and fill out the form prior to leaving the room and again as they return.

digital hall pass


digital hall pass sheet

Not sure if you should have a class device available for those who don’t have a working device?  What other ideas would this work for?

It is moments like this I appreciate tech – getting collaborate with my dear friend who lives many hours away now – but feels just like she’s still across the hall!  Thanks TCB for the idea!

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