Barfing Monsters #MTBoSBlaugust Post 10


Three comments from students today as qe worked with Barfing Monsters to wrap up our Unit 0 on Patterns.

Day 1
 Day 2 and 3

1.  Student asks – did you come up with this on your own? Or did you find it on the internet?  Well.  The idea actually came from @samjshah from NY and @mathdiva77 from SC or NC.  It was originally planned for a pre-calculus class I believe.  Then @cheesemonkey from San Francisco started to modify it for Algebra 1.  And she shared it with me, I made some adjustments and here we are.


2.  Is this for an elementary class? Really? Barfing Monsters?  Doesn’t sound very high school is to me.

3.  Are these real people’s names?  Yep, these monsters are need after real live math teachers.  I proceeded to name the states in which they lived.

Lots of laughter. Some hurting brains.  But good discussions and ideas shared. 

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