Light in My Life #5lights #12daysindecember #MTBoS 


Light.  It drives out darkness.  It radiates warmth.  It can serve as a lamp along our path.  It may serve as a beacon for direction in a storm.  It can help us see.  Who was light for you at some point in your life?

Greeting cards at Christmas and the Holidays are not as popular as they once were.  I’ve gotten behind/too busy over the years and simply failed to get any out.

As I sit here in the light of our tree, enjoying a new addition, bubble lights…

just like my Granny had on her tree, just like my mom has on hers…  I’m getting ready to address our cards.  I’m creating a list.

This year, I’m adding 5 new names.  People who were light to me along the way.  Not forgotten, but usually not included.  I want them to know the impact they had on me, how they were light in my life.

Here’s my challenge to you friends – before midnight on New Year’s Eve, pen a note, a letter, handwritten or even typed, but make the effort to mail it. No emails, DM, texts.  

Let 5 people know how they impacted your life.


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