An Update on a Starfish 


Heather shared The Starfish Story which will always be my favorite.  Here’s  a link to a day I needed that reminder…

But the post below…needs an update.  Later that year, the student emailed me to let me know they had completed their credits and graduated.  In the Spring 2016, their sibling let me know they moved to Alabama before they would leave for Basic Training in the Air Force last that year.

Just before midterms week last semester, I received a phone call – from the front office asking if I was available to meet with a visitor.  This young man stopped by to see myself and a colleague.  They were home for  a while before transferring to their new assignment.  Here’s what made me most proud.  They were in fatigues (I apologize if that’s not the correct wording), standing proud.  But when jROTC students walked by, shook his hand, saluted him and thanked him for his service.  I couldn’t help but tear up because the respect this young person had always deserved was given to him.  I was so proud for him – that these young minds saw him as a leader.

From August 2015…

Part of an email I received today… Thank you for the time you spent on me! You reinforced my belief to always challenge myself, one of the reasons I am currently enlisting in the Air Force. T…

Source: One Good Thing…


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