Becoming a High Performing Collaborative Team #blogitBINGO Newly-Ed Part 2


Are my best days behind me or ahead of me?

As we continue to consider how to build an effective PLC culture, these are the 4 critical questions we ask / should be able to answer:

  1. What do we want them to know / be able to do?
  2. How do we know if they know it?
  3. What is our response when they don’t learn / know it?
  4. What is our response when they do?

Seven stages of Collaborative Teams was shared.  I know where I felt our team has spent most of its time in recent years, but I wondered if others thought the same.  So I emailed a snapshot and asked.

7 stages

Though some differences, most fell from stage 3 planning to a couple of courses stepping into stage 5 this year, but our goal could be to reflect on where we are, refine and adjust that will move us into Stages 6 and 7 by next spring.

The discussion tools provided in this training for High Leverage Team Actions are straight forward, seem like they will be easy to implement – but force you to take an honest look at your practices.  Responding to them as a team brings transparency and accountability, always bringing the discussion / debate back to our shared vision.

As I skimmed through the Team Building Worksheet, I wondered – have I disengaged because I lack courage? confidence?  Have I shared my expectations or let them fall by the door?  Have I been open enough / giving permission for others to care enough to confront when a conflict arises?

My goal – to be the best teacher I can be.  Not to be better than my colleagues – but to be my best for my students.  They deserve it.  When I try something new, its because I have found a gap in my teaching – a place for growth. – I am searching for a better way to reach my students.  It may work, it may not.  I’ll reflect, refine, adjust as I gather evidence.

I am excited to dive deeper into the protocols shared in this training – to utilize them in helping us know IF we are doing high quality math implementation or not.  And what are our next steps to becoming our best for our students.

What is the #1 vital adult behavior essential to effective instruction in our department?



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