And One Time at Band Camp…


I had the opportunity this past week to help with alterations for my daughter’s marching band.  It was also the second week of band camp.  As I sat in a back hallway or in the uniform room with an almost closed door, I got to see, well hear actually, former students teach.  

Each on a different path in life, but getting to share their talents as instructors at band camp.

It was obvious they were passionate about what they were teaching.  Three very different students, three very different teachers…  but more alike than different.

1.  They loved their students – they cared about them as people.  And their students knew it.

2.  They loved their content. And their students knew it.

3.  They challenged their students, pushing them just beyond what their students thought they could do.  

4.  They supported and encouraged their students, giving them feedback, direction, and pushing them until they got it right.  Perseverance was both modeled amd instilled.

5.  The analogies they used in their instruction, made the learning feel intuitive.  Constantly connecting it back to something the students already knew.

6.  They recognized when students were on overload.  The story telling for brain breaks allowed a rest to ready them to try again.  

Seeing former students doing something they love reminded me that I still love what I do.  


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