And One Time at Math Camp… #TMC17


Each year after I leave TMC, I ponder and am always amazed as I realize the theme that ran through our few days together…the similar ideas shared within sessions / key notes / conversations.

connections, relationships, community

mary math

When Mary tweeted this – I immediately wanted to make a poster of Annie’s statement.

But then I thought, TMC is about the relationships, but others think TMC is about math.

Then this convo happened last night / this morning about a weekly blogging initiative…


And @druinok’s last statement – building connections.

In my morning session, #cheezyexeter – I was finally able to experience talking points for what they are.  A structure / routine that creates a space for each student a turn to talk without fear of judgement or interruption as we used NO COMMENT.  With the 3 rounds and each person talking, I was afforded the opportunity to LISTEN, not worrying about jumping in, but knowing my turn would come.  Creating a safe space to talk and listen.


I was challenged by @graceachen’s keynote.  The moment she shared her question to her grandmother – What did you want to be when you grew up?  And her response, Full.  And I knew I had never shared those same experiences.  Her impression left me to ponder more about stereotypes and their origins so I might have better understanding and genuine compassion.

I have cried many times feeling I was not good enough to share – thinking I am the one seen as privileged and there were moments I felt guilty.   I have never walked in many experiences of my students – so what gives me the right to share?   What gives me the right to be in a classroom?  I am grateful for what experiences my parents provided me and the life lessons they instilled.  I should never feel guilty for what they’ve given me.  But I am challenged to create a small space in my classroom of what I want to see in the world.

I am grateful for my friends of MTBoS of whatever you wish to call it – because it has tried my beliefs, tested my faith and helped me realize – I am who I am.  You are who you are.  My experiences have lended to who I have become.

I have never walked through the experiences @veganmathbeagle has so openly shared.  But other experiences in my own life – I have learned – we can never judge because her journey could have just as easily been mine. I am in awe of her vulnerability, so much courage.   I will print this as a daily reminder for my desk…


To me, MTBoS is just another way to connect – Tweeting and/or blogging have given us a vehicle with which we can connect over the math – but the rich conversations that follow allow us to build the relationships that sustain…

And how we can take an idea shared, and make it our own…

hug clip

This quote from @math8_teach’s  afternoon session… I want to hold on to…
What I love most about TMC – we are all different, so many varying beliefs, abilities, experiences, but the same.

I appreciate @algebrasfriend’s statement – its not a clique, they’re just friends.  So true.  These people have become my friends.  And though I may squeal with excitement and a big hug to follow, I look forward to our conversations and new friendships becoming the same.

And finally, one of my favorites from my friend @mathymeg07 and Auggie in Wonder #choosekind .

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