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First Day Plans #SundayFunday #MTBoS




First Day

August 10 was students first day back.  The faculty all wore a new t-shirt with our #acnhorsup #oarsin #rowtheboatRC focus for the year.  We are on a 90 minute block this year – so I had a bit over an hour with all classes.

Name Tents with Feedback

I learned of these from Rachel and Sara.  I believe I will use some of these questions to finish out the first week…


The added feedback, allowed me to learn a few more details about my students – what classes they really enjoyed from their first day.  It also seemed to open up verbal communication – several students approached me between classes, responding to my written feedback.  Definitely a good thing.

Kahoot for Name Tent

Rather than show a power point slide of my own Name Tent – I created a Kahoot – allowing the students to 1) experience Kahoot 2) some laughs as they considered options in the questions.  I mean really, do I look like I want to drive fast INDY cars?

This also gives me an idea of how many students have a device, although we actually played in team mode, with the team names from my table labels seen here.

Beach Towel Bonanza!

I first read about this activity during #ppschat in 2014 over the book Powerful Problem Solving by @maxmathforum.  The task was intented for a blanket, but beach towels work perfectly.

100s Task

Notice and Wonder with Sol Lewitt


I actually introduced the QFT model to generate their own questions during the WONDER portion of the task.  Basically 4 rules to follow:

  • Ask as many questions as you can
  • Do not stop to discuss, judge, or answer any questions
  • Write down every question exactly as it is stated
  • Change any statement into a question

We discussed differences between open and closed questions.  Then I asked them to look over their lists for math vs. non math questions.  We will revisit this task and their questions next week.


#myfavorite thanks to Chris & Mary

Two Nice Things

Poster @algebrainiac created from @misscalcul8’s #myfav from #tmc12

I made a Two Nice Things one years ago…here you go. It prints nice and large to go across front of room.

And ended the day with Sara’s HW for students to answer the question What is Math?



Name Tent Kahoot #firstday #teach180


I’ve done the name tents for a while now. I believe it was @druinok and AVID or @rachelrosales that I learned from. Last year @saravanderwerf’s communication grid was added to inside of the tent. So I toom the 4 getting to know you corner questions and created a kahoot of my answers. Possible responses…