Table Labels & Folders


I am looking to incorporate table folders as described by @druinok in this post.

When I asked about how the tables were labeled, someone tweeted this idea – to use mathematicians as table names.  Hmmm.  I like that idea.  As I began to search, I attempted to include a diverse group in hopes to encourage all of my learners.

I am actually considering using alphabetical names for my mind’s sake.  I have 7 tables and plan to find a ladder to hang the tags above each table before leaving school today.

So, who is your favorite mathematician I should include and why?

Please feel free to share ideas on other ways you label your groups/tables.

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  1. check out TPT for “Famous Mathematician Posters” by High School Teaches math (I think). There are 15 to mathematician posters. I purchased to display for a little history but maybe table groups would be a good use. Maybe I’ll turn it into a point competition between tables – I usually divide room into two teams but maybe table groups would have advantages. Do you do anything special other than naming your table groups?

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