Formative Assessment Classroom Techniques Book #MTBoS12days Post 3


Goodness, has it really been 5 years since we read this book?

So many great strategies have entered my teacher toolbox from this book.

Wait Time & Wait Time 2, Always Sometimes Never, Agree/Disagree?, Two Stars amd a Wish, Comments Only Marking, vreate a Problem, I Used to Think… -But Now I Know… you can find posts in September, October 2012 and we used #75facts.

Last summer, someone shared a new book was out. I have had a busy fall and reading it simply was not an option.

Has anyone read it? More of the same? Or all new strategies?

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  1. Admin just handed me both books, so still learning about these. However, I did use the systems of linear equations activity in the orange books as a solving techqiues review activity. It went well and my students seemed to like it over other review methods. Lots of good thinking and collaboration with the activity!

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