Healthier Choices Challenge – a School Wide Challenge

We all know that we are are best selves when we are our best selves.  Not so much a resolution, but we have done this 3- week challenge several times in our building. The big idea is just to be intentional in our choices.  But many times, its about the accountability.  For some a little competition helps us along.  Wanted to share, it may be something you could do with your staff.
RCHS 2018
Healthier Choices January Challenge
Did you know… 
If you lose 7% of your current body weight, through better lifestyle choices – diet low in fat & calories, 150 minutes/week physical activity, you may lower your chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes by at least 50%?
As an Institute within NIH, NIDDK conducts and supports research on many of the most common, costly, and chronic conditions to improve health.
We will begin next Monday, January 8th!
Challenge #Better Choices   
Earn up to 20 pts. per day 
Most points win!  If tie, prize will be split between winners.  
Food Journal may be handwritten or in an APP.
  • at least 30 minutes walk or cardio
  • 64 oz water intake  
  • *Nutrition goal met
  • Food journal
*Different people have different nutritional needs, you set your personal daily intake goal based on whatever your dietary needs may be (calories, fat, carbs, etc., monitor your intake.  If you meet your set goal, you earn your 5 points!
Challenge #2 Weight Loss  
Highest Percentage Lost wins!  IF enough participants, top male & top female will be awarded.
We are not interested in your weight.  You record it.  You calculate your total percentage lost & report that to us at the end of the challenge.  Final Weigh-in 1/29/17
Challenge #3   Steps
Most Steps wins.
Record you daily step totals.  Report 3 week total as of midnight 1/28!  
(There will be a link emailed shortly to join a go365 challenge.  You must have the APP downloaded and join the challenge using the APP.  The invitation link will not work on a desktop.  Also, the go365 step challenge is a 4 week challenge, so we will only report the first 3 weeks.)
Overall Winner
 We will award points based on order of finish for each of the 3 challenges and tally those for participants in the overall challenge.  
We make it into a competition between faculty and staff who wish to participate.  Some will actually participate without the competition and that is perfectly fine!

You choose which challenges you wish to join.  $5 per challenge. IF you chose to participate in all 3 AND the overall, it will be $20 total.  Prizes will depend on number of participants in each category.  

Copies of recording sheets can be picked up from mail room bulletin board.

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