Accountability – Reflection on My 2018 Spring Goals


A full week of school – the first weeks, though one was fairly productively – in and out with snow days, well – no consistency.  We were out the entire week last week – with MLKjr Day and the snow / cold temps.  So this week meant collecting and giving feedback on NTI day assignments.  Not my favorite task at all.  One class was fine- I had about 4 students having to redo assignments because they were not proficient.  The other class, I had about 4 students needing to redo, and 9! Students who did not even do the first assignment.  Phone calls and emails home…  ugh.

With all of that – we sort of got back into a routine.  So I felt it was time to reflect on my semester goals.  This post describes my goals as a result of a conversation with @misscalcul8.  Here’s the jist:

For the Spring 2018 Semester, in my 4th block Algebra I class, I will increase (currently, I do not link them in my plans) my planning of formative assessments for each learning target listed / linked in my unit lesson plans.  Twice per week, I will take time to formally reflect (written) the student work and devise a plan for next steps.   Currently, I only informally reflect / plan next steps, without formal documentation in my plans.  I hope this work will lead to better quality formative assessments that are truly at the level and integrity of the standards.

Over the course of the Spring 2018 Semester, I will develop a list of common Latin / Greek roots as related to our content in Algebra I.  Through the collaboration of my colleague, I will develop and implement a weekly system to help students learn and make connections within the content to the roots, etc.   The list, weekly quiz results and study tools will be documented in lesson plans.  At the end of each month (January – April), I will reflect on our progress, analyze the impact on student learning and adjust, continue.  This list should grow throughout the semester.  List to students, implement study tool, report student progress.

I will revisit Small & Lin’s book More Good Questions for ideas on creating Open Questions.  As part of the formative assessment tools, I will begin to include these on a weekly basis in our lessons – for feedback only and incorporate on every unit assessment (after discussing with my content team teacher).

12718 reflect goals2018

Where Am I?

As part of our NTI PLC time, we spent time building a document to list each of our learning targets, CCSS for searching resources and link FAs documents / describe the task for each.  This was not necessarily “IN” my weekly lesson plans, but it is a living document that can easily be linked to.  I can quickly copy/paste the linking information into my lesson plans.

As part of this task – my colleague and I met, devising a system for naming our resource files as we upload them to a shared folder.  We agreed on 3 letter abbreviation for BIG idea of the unit, then use 2 digits for the learning targets.  For example, FUN 01 means intro to functions, learning target 1.  This way we can record in the IC which target that “grade” is addressing for parent and student communication.  Students receive a unit organizer at the beginning of the unit with ALL of the assessment targets listed.

Inside each folder, she suggested having sub-folders:  one for lessons, INB foldables, example for notes, practice tasks like matching or sorting;  one for FA tasks;  Summative and projects folder which will also include a unit pre-assessment and multiple versions of the unit assessment.

We have just a few more things to have everything addressed in our current unit.  We think this document can easily be added to and edited as we go through the units – adding new things, etc.  Targets highlighted in red if we need to create a better target quiz, we can quickly scan to see where we are and what we need to do.  We have a lesson plan outlined for the operations with functions target, but need to create a TQ.

Since starting our document, we have found an example from the Springboard resources that can serve as a skeleton for identifying and relating key features to the context.

FA pic 5

From Springboard, Algebra I


I have done nothing with the Roots list in vocabulary.  Every unit organizer has listed vocabulary – so I am hoping to use these as I begin to develop this list.

I used one open question for a TQ this week and gave immediate verbal feedback to students with high give/thumbs up or questions/coaching.

What can I celebrate?

Getting on the same page with my colleague.  We have a plan in place.  We’ve started organizing our current resources and agree as we continue in the semester, we can easily add and adjust.  I like our system for highlighting places that need work and the ability to share found resources as we use them.

I was very purposeful in the FA used in class this week.  Even with the deltamath and desmos tasks in the lab on Friday have given me some conversation and lesson material as we move on this week.

What can I improve?

Ensuring that I have time built in for students to act on the written feedback.

Getting started with those root word lists.

Purposeful planning with the open questions – allow students to become comfortable with this style of questioning – you can tell its unfamiliar for some of them – but using strategies like “3 things” notice/wonder will help them build confidence in sharing their thinking.  I am already seeing more details in what they are writing and sharing.  I know this sounds silly, but I have noticed eyebrows raising as I put the task out there – almost as if they welcome the opportunity to think and share their thinking.

So where are you in your goals for this school year?  What are your goals?  What are you doing to be accountable to them?  Where are you?  What can you celebrate?  What can you improve?

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