Something Old, Something New…


I used to keep a large poster up for our INBs table of contents.  For whatever reason, I got away from that last year and did not even do it last fall with those classes.  However, the poor attendance, numerous snow days have demanded I do it again…  to help students get / stay organized / catch up and for my own sanity!  When they ask…I can point to the poster…


Something new…  I am a believer in literacy strategies.  Students often are not taught how to take notes from what they read.  Most of us vomited highlighter all over our textbooks…  without discerning the needed, important information, we would just learn ALL of it.

So, here is what I did…  Students are 4 to a table, so I cut the review / summary notes into 4 sections.  I asked students to divide their pages into 4 sections with labels.

Each person at the table gets a different section of summary notes / examples.


This was over domain and range of continuous graphs.  With a snow day making a long weekend, I thought it was a great way to review.

1 minute to read.  1 minute to jot down important BIG ideas.

Rotate summary notes.


Some may think 1 minute was not enough time – but since this was a review of last week’s work, I felt it was fine.  If introducing new material, I may feel differently.

After the first round, I observed students writing during the reading time.  I shared my reasoning – the first time was to read – no worries about grabbing information to remember.  The second time was to skim / write big ideas… that way they were accessing the information at least twice.

After every student has read / written for all 4 sections.  They share out 1 BIG idea they wrote down with their table.

I asked for questions, but none.  So, I think next time I will have a post-it available to reflect…  something I learned, realized, was reminded of OR still have a question about…  they tend to ask when its written and anonymous.  I get that.

What summary, literacy, reading strategies do you use in math class?



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