Then Tell Me… #onegoodthing


It has been a tough afternoon. I put on my big girl face like its all just fine to finish out the day. But inside heartbroken because I thought I could make a difference in class for that kid.

I failed.

My colleague reminds me to remember all the others I have reached. It still hurts me… feeling like I lost.

But as I reflect on the others. A big smile. Practicing some exponent rules… I ask students to turn and talk at their table for a buddy check, does everyone get it?

I overhear a Student 1 ask their buddy, Do you understand? Student 2 knods and says yes. Student 1 replies, then tell me what 1 tines 6 to the -2 power is.


I acknowledge their powerful teacher move. Convince me. Prove it. Show me you know it.

And I smile with a high five.

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