Where to Begin… #MTBoSBlaugust Post 1



What happened to June?  AND July?!?!?  Home remodel…County Fair Food Booth, TMC, Altering Band Uniforms…  I’ll share more later.

As the Naked Ladies begin appearing around home…


I know that means school is just around the corner.  Yesterday was my first day actually in my classroom to work.  Basically, dusting things off, cleaning tables & chairs and sweeping up.  Our custodial staff are the best – such hard workers and I am always amazed at the face-lift they give our rooms, hallways, school over the summer.

Assigning Random Seating

After reading @druinok’s post this morning, I wondered – what will I write about for August 1?  Then I came across Allison’s post about how TMC makes attempts to welcome newbies.  Ah yeah.  That text reminder I sent to myself last spring…


And look, it is scheduled to arrive TODAY at 5:35 pm.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

After listening to my own child and even my own experiences as I walk into trainings/PD, even faculty meetings (where I KNOW most everyone) – there is a stress of where to sit and who to sit with.  I cannot imagine being a teenager…entering the dreaded algebra classroom.

I do random grouping, usually on a weekly basis.  (However, after Mary & Sheri’s morning session at TMC, I am considering it more often.  Will blog about that later.)  But often on the first few days, I allow students to sit where ever.  They can find a friend.  Be in a comfort zone.  Right?  Wrong.

I observed my students – if they sat with this group, then they would look like they were leaving someone else out.  What if I have to sit with someone “who doesn’t like me”?  They seriously pondered where to choose. There are two sides to this coin, but I will attempt to remove at least one stress from their day and randomly seat students as they enter my classroom the first few days of school – by color / mathematician table.  You can see how I label my tables – here.  Though I am attempting to find a new arrangement to allow for larger class numbers in one block this fall and will need to add a new table/mathematician.


The other thing that Allison mentioned was the “Pac-Man Rule” suggested during TMC.


When gathered in a group, ALWAYS leave an open space to welcome others into the conversation.  I am definitely going to encourage this with a small poster reminder in my classroom.

My Daily Choice

And lastly, I saw this hamper from Natural Life and think I want to paint/watercolor something similar for my desk.  To remind myself – its my choice.  I get to set the tone.  I want a safe spot for my students.  I want them to feel valued, protected, sufficient, cared-for.  I can choose to offer a smile and welcome my students… so that they too may just be happy, even if only for a moment while in room 148.



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