#MTBoS Ambassadors #MTBoSBlaugust Post 6


So, Mattie B.  did this really cool thing last summer – requesting volunteers to monitor the #MTBoS hashtag one day per month.  Simple enough – watch the tag, respond, retweet, redirect …  just basically a welcoming committee helping new folks find their way.

Even better each month, I receive an email reminder.

And what happens if I miss my day or are unable to follow as much as I would like?  Nothing.  No big deal.  I don’t get kicked out.  I can pick up another day.  It is all good – to give as much time as your are able.

Which is good because today was a day I couldn’t spend a lot of time on twitter interacting with others.  By the time I check my email, I had already done final fittings on 50+ band uniforms, reorganizing (parts of) that crazy room – an afternoon with friends on the lake- last outing of the summer, a booster meeting and my supper, a bowl of cereal when I arrived back home at 9.

Its been a busy day, with a last bit of summer relaxation.  I spent a bit of time on twitter, but it is past my bedtime folks and I didn’t want to skip out completely.  Some time is better than none.

  1.  Thanks Mattie B. for organizing this.  I have read many, many new blogs and been able to help connect people with similar course assignments, etc.  I am excited to do another year.  It keeps my mind afresh.
  2. If you are interested in being an ambassador, contact @stoodle for a link to the information.

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