#TMC18 Memories… #MTBoSBlaugust Post 9


We come to TMC for the Math…  with leave with the Memories…

Its about relationships.  Some of the people I’ve met through TMC I have known longer than some of my collegaues.  While at TMC18, a fb memory popped up from the morning of 2012…  I had no clue the level of respect, love, friendship, laughter and encouragement that would come from this adventure.


I’m not sure where to begin – so many I adore I failed to get a picture with.  Sadly, I still feel awkward asking for a selfie – especially if I’m a new math buddy with you.  But I am grateful we met in real life  and now I can hear your voice as I read your tweets and posts.

I won’t lie, TMC overwhelms me – in a good way.  Every single moment is filled with math and people.  My morning session was filled with the best of both…


I texted my friend at some point on day 3 for me… a bit on overload, a little homesick  and she replied, take a break, go for a walk.  I literally have to unplug from big crowds to keep myself leveled – in any situation, not just TMC.  I am the teacher who needs 10 minutes of quiet time after a pep rally at school.  Weird, huh?

Each evening, my awesome roomie and I would go for a walk, one evening we actually had to drive to find the sand beach where we could dip our toes in Lake Erie!  But the lake was about a mile from the hotel, perfect distance.  And the views.

The lake on different evenings.  Something about water is so calming.


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Sitting alongside the water with new and old friends…just chatting about life and math and adventures for hours.


with Elissa, Mary and Cori

Cleveland was a pleasant place to visit.  I had no idea.  But I very much enjoyed.  At the water park, we watched an adult kickball league…it was the championship game.  There were many people getting their pictures in the Cleveland signs.  The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was such a treat.  As you walked the city, there were many things to see.  A nice little street with many restaurants to enjoy.


From cheering our foiled-travel plans friends on (Jenny!), to sharing a moment while signing Casey’s book, hanging out in St. Ignatius mall, learning about Pokemon Go!, finding the coolest math tshirts, admiring the work of our talented Justin Aion, and the amazing works shared by others…



Your first year at TMC can be a bit weird, trying to find your groove, meet people in real life, or even just meeting people during their first year, new friendships begin to form.  Your second year it truly is like getting to see old friends from camp the previous summer.  Year three…  you’ve developed strong bonds with some of these folks, they’ve become more than just colleagues.

I will never be able to name everyone that had an impact on me at TMC, but I am grateful our paths have crossed…


May we lift one another on difficult days, laugh with one another in hilarious moments and celebrate goodness and joy that comes each day…  I ❤ you friends!


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