Speak Life… #MTBoSBlaugust Post 12


In discussions about our upcoming home remodeling show, @cheesemonkeysf shared a picture with a plant placed in her entry way. It reminded me of one my granny j. had when I was younger.

The next time I was out I found the plant and bought it for my house…just a bit of green, some life to add in a room. But she was a bit small. So now, I have decided to take Sansa to school.

Sansa means to charm, praise. So I am hoping this plant will remind me that my words can give life.

Sansa will join my pothos plant, who is nameless, but given to me by a dear friend 2 years ago as we began school.

I splurged last night, wanting a little more greenery in my room…

Meet Ingrid – beloved, beautiful. I hope my students realize their self worth…

Anne – a form of grace, may I offer grace to both others and myself this school year.

And D.T. -may my words be seasoned with salt.

Not only will our plants help clean our air, but offer some extra beauty and hooefully serve as some good reminders…

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