Recap of Desmos Pre-Conference #MTBoSBlaugust Post 14


I sat down this past weekend to review my notes feom TMC18.

None of this will be enligtening to most, but again, this is where I can reflect, record and return to later when I can ponder.

I knew going in I needed to spend some time in Computation Layer while having real life, in person help. Parts of me now wishes I had spent 2 sessions in CL. I am better than I was last year, but still much further to go. My goal this year is to complete the scavenger challenges.

My other a.m. session was with Christopher Danielson, Principles of Design… where he teased us with snapshots! Listening to ideas around the room, watching him model the 5 Practices for Orchestraring Mathematical Discussions helped remind me to consider these structures when building future tasks.

Dr. Robert Berry shared some excellent thinking points and reminders. He suggested Catalyzing Change from NCTM. On my to read list, but why do books have to be so expensive?!?

Another take a way…

Solutions finders =/= Problem Solvers and

at the end… questions. Comments & compliments. What a great eay to end a lesson!

Lastly, that afternoon, I attended Shelley & Jenny’s Design Great Digital Activities. Essentially they walked us quickly through their thinking processes

1. Define the goal.

2. Crazy 8s on ONE key part of your goal.

3. Pair share.

4. Storyboard with 3 post-its.

5. Pair Share again.

Three key features to consider for student input when designing rhe flow and interactions……

1) access and build on prior knowledge

2) make a prediction.

3) reflection on learning/the task.

I see this as such a helpful tool that reduces how overwhelmed I often felt as I would sit down and attempt to create a task.

Hopefully, I can link back to this pist soon with a finished product.

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