Summer Reading 2019 #mtbos #literacy #alm


We’ve been out of school for a couple of weeks, but my calendar has been full. Finally a few days to enjoy downtime, sit outback and read.

Just before school ended, I finished reading Where the Crawdads Sing, very much enjoyed. Currently I am reading / listening to Dolphin Island, In Good Faith, All the Light We Cannot See. What in the world does a struggling reader think she is doing with 3 different titles going at once?!? One is print, another on Kindle and the last is in Audible.

As soon as I finish these, I have If You Find Me on my list – two of my friends have both been captivated by this story.

My summers usually help me fill up on professional reading. I am finishing up an informal chat with @druinok on Hacking Questions, by Connie Hamilton. Quick read filled with sensible suggestions and doable strategies. So much of it has me reflecting on my own practice and what small changes I can make to have a bigger impact.

If you are looking for something not over the top, I believe this one is a great place to start. Her structure of chapters offers ideas you can implement tomorrow, ways to overcome pushback. It really pushes me to consider how I can be more intentional in my planning for sure.

This stack is my summer goal:

This box is mostly for a classroom library I was able to receive through a literacy grant. Excited about these as well!

Do, what’s on your summer reading list?

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