Experience as a Learner Survey #MTBoS #eduread


My summer reading has started with these two books

both highlighting the importance of an environment that supports risk-taking / academic safety.  Though a bit different discussion – both seem to say how important it is that we create a place – in our actions/words/approach that lets students feel they have access to the learning and eventually willing to engage and take academic risks.  We not only need to build that rapport and trust and safety but it is necessary to protect it once its been developed.

So many great ideas shared by each author – but one last night in our chat #eduread

When reading, this passage really stuck out to me.  Yes teachers care – but the type of caring they exhibit is different and sometimes wrongly interpreted as not caring.  I have been guilty.  Sadly.

But this sentiment shared by @druinok reminded me of a survey I have been giving my students since at least 2014.  It was shared by Grant Wiggins prior to his passing.  I adjusted it to fit my needs.  If you’ve never read any of his posts – take some time and visit – his blog is still up.  I think it was the post Student Engagement and Feedback that eventually lead me to the “Experience as a Learner Survey.”  

Students fill this out completely anonymous.  I do not read the responses until several weeks after they have submitted.  I still have not looked at this past semesters, but plan to in the next week or so.  It gives me some time away from them, but allows me time to reflect on their results and make some adjustments / set some goals for the upcoming year.  I believe it is a fair representation of their view of me and our classroom and I am able to see myself, somewhat, through their eyes.

I have another teacher/course evaluation students fill out that is very specific to our course/learning structures.  With the two combined, I feel I have a good snapshot of our classroom experiences.

What are some resources you use to weigh your perception vs. your students’ perception of you?

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