Summer Reading 2019 #MTBoSBlaugust #mtbos


Life gets crazy for me whenever school is in session, so that’s why I try my best to fill much of my summer with reading that never gets done August to May.  This summer is no different.  I did not get as much read as I had liked, but quality over quantity always.


Along with these summer reads, a post from Amy on her use of Stand and Talks from Sara led back to this Global Math from Sara.  It is a great resource and introduction if you are not familiar with the structure.  It would be a perfect PLC video.  S&T will definitely be in the lineup on a regular basis this school year!  I constantly find myself looking at graphs, questions and asking – how could this be tweaked into a stand and talk?

I have a couple of more titles – I’d hoped to finish before school started, but I think they’ll have to be the “keep in the car to read while waiting to pick up at band rehearsals” books – Five Practices into Practice and Routines for Reasoning.

Its been a productive and good break this summer.  I’ll share more in later posts about specific take a ways from my reading.

So what’s been on your reading list and what were your take a ways?


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  1. What did you think of Powerful Teaching? I read Make it Stick last year and ended up using a few different retrieval strategies during the 18-19 school year. I’m thinking of possibly having a book club discuss Powerful Teaching at my school.

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