Bouncy Balls #MTBoSBlaugust #oldisnew


Wondering what I should blog about for #MTBoSBlaugust, I went back to posts from early days of The Radical Rational and ran across this post “And They’re Off!”  I really like where I was at that point in my teaching.  I have felt for a while – that was the beginning of my “peak” years – when I felt I was really reflective, purposefully planning and assessing, providing opportunities for student thinking and them asking questions.

As I read through the post, I had a flashback to late spring – seeing my tube of bouncy balls in my storage cabinet and thinking – I’ve not had these out for a while.  So, I see Week 1 this year as a perfect opportunity – Do a little WCYDWT? – offering up the bouncy ball.

Hopefully the discussions will lead to data collection ideas – and then we can talk about what things we are measuring in their ideas.  What would the graphs of this data look like compared to that….  eventually leading to the idea of discrete (# bounces vs drop height)  or continuous (height of ball over a 10 second time period after dropping it).

Or maybe discussions of different “shapes” of graphs and why this maybe happens?

I have used bouncy balls several times in class and kids always love them.

What are some “cost efficient” data collection ideas you can share?






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