Miracle Minutes in the Classroom #mtbossummer2020


A few weeks ago, I chatted with some online colleagues while we watched Joanna Steven’s, Creating a Classroom of Dream Chasers for NCTM 100 Days event. You can access video and presentation slides here.

There were so many great ideas Joanna shared of building a culture of goal setting and getting, making choices to work toward the goals and support your classmates in working toward theirs.

The structures she shared can easily be modified to fit your vision for you own classroom and students. She even shared how things were modified as they transitioned to distance learning with our state’s Healthy at Home initiative. I kept coming back to my notes wondering… what’s my vision? What identity do I hope for my students to build?

I was reminded of our Make a Difference Mondays and high 5 / 5 fingers I share with my students. Both are described here from a #myfavorites session at TMC17.

Our students seem to face more and more challenges as the years go by. I struggle to find ways to connect at times. This past school year, our staff learned about the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the skills to help people bounce back from adversity.

The training was very informative, eye opening with many A-ha’s! Yet I walked away feeling I needed more. How can I help my students learn to become resilient? What skills can I offer if I’ve not experienced the same ACEs?

I have been reading Significant Figures and Power in Numbers to learn more about pioneers in mathematics. Resources like these help me share a narrative in math class for my students to connect to.

Most recently, @druinok shared The Miracle Morning for Teachers. I am already a morning person, s pro some of it did not apply. There were a couple of chapters in section 2, I was like, Huh? But I ow they were intended to build the idea for me to be my best version of me so I can be there better for my students.

The last section really hit the target. Every chapter offers teacher vignettes of how they implemented the Life S.A.V.E.R.S. into their own classrooms and the impact they saw for their students.

The book is filled with positive quotes and ideas that can be shared with our students. I found it to be uplifting and encouraging.

I see that implementing these 6 minutes a day can become a structure for my kids to develop a foundation of defining their identity. How just a short moment of silence can help them gain focus, using daily affirmations to instill a belief in self, setting goals and visualizing what meeting those goals will look like, how exercise/movement, healthy choices can help them become their best, how reading adds to their knowledge, and finally writing amd reflection on their goals, choices and actions can serve as a source for celebration.

I am old school, a firm believer in the golden rule and how we should set aside our own wants sometimes and put the needs of others first. We are called to be encouragees. This webinar from Joanna, things that are already in our classroom and some ideas shared in Miracle Morning will be a great focus as I begin planning for next school year.

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