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Learning, Loving, Library #mtbos2020


Spent some time with tools I have on hand this morning… learning. This morning, I used screen-cast-o-matic.  My slide was in flip chart on our smart board. I just outlined textboxes which included my questions. I used an X-Pen tablet to write *which I learned is not compatible with chromebooks. There is a learning curve to writing like with any slate style tool.

At home… the tools may look a bit different. But I’ll be trying those combos out soon and let you know.

My first virtual lesson.

I chose to include myself, because I feel it makes it more personable, connected.

From this, I found that my slides need to allow for a space in the place I want to position the camera view. In the beginning, the box covered part of text or space where I planned to write.

I color coded the boxes for the progression of examples to help me as I recorded. They were not scaffolded, but really random, so truly order did not matter this time.

However, now I think I need to number them if I have multiple questions on a slide. Purpose? If I encourage students to pause video to read, attempt examples on their own first, they will know the order to will follow.

I would like to post a clean PDF of the slide for students who would like that.

A social media post as a reminder to love… self and others. There are typos in this slide. I acknowledged them in the video, but just did not take the time to redo- I had recorded twice already due to sound/mic issues. (You need to play with your available tools! Get familiar with them!)

Things will not be perfect always. I have to be okay with that. I will need to be flexible and extend grace. I reminded myself and others… casting stones is not a solution, but usually a complaint. I will extend grace to my child’s teachers as well. Be kind. Be encouraging.

And a stop by our lovely Library on the way home.

The geometric feel of the lights and wall panels.
1000 cranes in the community room – made by local students.

I’ve read a couple of Lisa Wingate books this summer. Not overwhelming, just enjoyable for some downtime. The 3rd in the series was available.

And a new experience for me… Graphic Novel. With Ada and Charles, its gotta be good, right?!?

So, a day of learning, a reminder to love and a moment to pause and appreciate a wonderful resource in our small community.