Self-Care During the School Year, especially COVID19 #mtbosBlaugust


As we left school March 13, we knew we were out for two weeks, and suspected an additional week plus Spring Break. A colleague and I discussed ways to encourage our staff to give themselves mental breaks, choosing physical activity, etc. So we came up with our first Spring Challenge.

AMID the Covid

These were their options to choose from for each activity.

We needed a shorter two-week challenge to finish out April, after all, we would be returning to school in May, right?

The goal was just to move more than you had been!

By now, we knew we were finishing up with NTI Days. Many people were miserable, because we wanted to be in the classroom, but we would make it work for the best. One of the colleagues had a 100 miles challenge with friends, so we borrow it for 100 Miles in May!

School was out by now, but we wanted to encourage our staff to keep on moving! It was Glenn who had shared a team relay he had joined across his state. With a little searching, we found one for Kentucky! We had different people / teams set their own #acrossKY challenge. My teammate and I chose the 268 miles challenge. She and I joined the actual virtual relay – proceeds benefited Gilda’s House in Louisville.

We met up to finish our relay miles together in person!

July’s challenge was inspired by @thegotgoalsgirl on IG #justtryjuly2020 . In honor of the old NIKE add – IN July, our challenge was to set a personal goal and Just Do It! These ranged from 100 miles, 10,000 steps everyday, 200 miles, 30 minutes per day.

And our TWO for YOU “Getting Ready for Back-to-School” Challenge…

Things I have learned that are non-negotiables in order for me to be my best in this new expereince as a teacher:

  1. You MUST set hours and walk away. Write it down, share with a friend and stick to it. You cannot physically, mentally be on call 24-7 for your students.
  2. Its in your best interest to pencil in time for intentional physical ACTIVITY. If that’s walking / moving 3 times a day, 10 minutes at a time, then make it happen!
  3. Food is literally FUEL for your body. During a stressful time like this, plan meals, cook with family, treat your body with respect, give it nutritious fuel. Plan and shop for healthy snacks. Stay hydrated!
  4. Spend some time doing something you LOVE- reading, painting, meditation, chopping wood – whatever you love – do something that makes you happy.

Anyone who completed any parts of the challenge and submitted had their names entered into drawings for prizes donated by colleagues. You notice almost every challenge allows for different levels of participation. Our goal was simply for people to do more than they had been doing. Physical activity and healthier choices play important roles in helping us face stress better. So, what are things your staff does to encourage one another in their physical, mental, spiritual well-being?

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  1. I am so grateful for your constant inspiration and have been so amazed at your diligence with exercise during these months. Keep up the amazing work!

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