Growing Toys #mtbosblaugust Post 12


Many years ago, we used some smaller versions of these toys. Somewhere in the cave of files, I’ve got a lesson someone shared with me. They used alligators and the plastic box was referred to as the Gator Garage. Anyone have recollection of that?

Virtual Class Pets?

So I wonder if I just share a picture with students, get some input from them…quantities we could measure, relationships we might expect -will it be linear or otherwise, make predictions.

Will cola make it grow differently than water? Will it really reach 600%? How big would it have to g we t for that to be true?

We could collect data daily. Create a visual model, description the relationships and attempt an algebraic model.

Just jotting some thoughts down so I have them stored outside my brain. Any input or suggestions would be awesome and appreciated!

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