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Help! Creating a System for Individual Feedback #mtbos


If you don’t want to read – just watch the video of me asking you for ideas~~~ trying to give some individual feedback.

I muddled through the beginning of the semester -it ranged from writing on digital documents with my classroom smart board, to screencasting help,to opening a help MEET during classtime – and pulling students in one at a time.

I feel that I’ve gotten a start – a screen cast – very similar to feedback video on Flipgrid. I post a link to their feedback in Google Classroom as a question or assignment, only posting to that individual. I just find talking through their work as I am looking at it is fairly efficient. I have learned to include their name in the post to classroom.

When they respond, either by replying to the post, submitting the written task or emailing me – and I reply back, we set up time for more help / retakes. But once we are finished, how do I mark those assignments as “done” and move them out of the way?

I’m not sure that I want to delete them – I feel that I need to archive them somehow – but is that through having a new topic “Individual Feedback – Completed”?

This is strictly individual, formative work that leads to learning or developed skill – hopefully. It is ungraded, but can earn you the opportunity to retake an assessment after completing a reflection and/or more practice, showing growth.

My process – I open the quiz, their submitted work – Look for common errors/mistakes, misconceptions – just have a short convo with them in the screen cast explaining what I see/notice.

I give them an option to do more practice / reflect. When they have completed that, they notify me (submit evidence or work, reply to question or email).

After we have completed that cycle – whatever it may look like, I want to shuffle completed tasks out of the Individual Feedback topic/tab so that only what is current appears there. Does that make sense? Suggestions, please?