#MTBoSBlaugust 2022

#MTBoSBlaugust 2022
Join the fun!

For some, summer break just began! For others, school starting is just around the corner. And a few have already started back. Whether you’re in a new role, new classroom or implementing some new strategies, reflect and share! We are our own best resources and we want to learn from you!

Possible Prompts:

  1. How I teach / do ______ (INB, unit organizers/dividers, VNPS, VRG, BTC, topic of choice)
  2. My Favorite “rich problem / task”
  3. My favorite “rich problem /task” resource(s)…
  4. Sharing an idea I learned at a PD event this past year
  5. Something new I plan to try this year…
  6. How I use ____(tech app of choice) in my classroom
  7. Share a lesson that uses tech (Desmos AB, Geogebra, applets, etc)
  8. Write a post related to pandemic teaching.
  9.  I want to grow as a #teacherleader this year by… 
  10. Share your #MTBoS Photo Challenge photos (#MathPhoto22)
  11. Go on a “math walk” – take a photo to share with us… What do you notice? What do you wonder?  How could you use this photo in your classroom
  12. How do you handle homework / daily practice?
  13. Self-Care…  how to make it a priority?
  14. Math Makeover – Take a traditional question/problem to solve and make it better.
  15. My favorite go-to ____(Online resource, book, blog).  Share an idea of how you have utilized this source.
  16. Something I struggle with as a teacher/in the classroom. 
  17. How I used something unexpected in my classroom to… 
  18. #made4math – Create something you can use this semester, such as a tarsia puzzle, question stack, game, card sort, etc.  (Or share one you have previously created)
  19. #myoneword – What is one word that you can use to focus your energies this year?
  20. What is your favorite quote?  How can you share/use it in your classroom?
  21. How do you handle Parent Communication?  What has been successful for you?
  22. Tell us about a favorite activity/lesson that makes you jump for joy when you get to use it.
  23. Shoutouts!  Give a shout-out to a former teacher, a colleague, or someone in your school or community who is a difference maker.
  24. Time Capsule – revisit an old post and reflect. If you are new to blogging – find a post on this day from the past on someone else’s blog-read, share, reflect.
  25. What’s a practice you keep doing year after year? Either something that works great or something that maybe needs examining. Why do you keep doing it?
  26. What’s the one thing in your school year you’re most looking forward to? A lesson, a unit, a field trip, a school tradition
  27. Fav [math][ed] book read and take aways for 2022-2023 (and beyond?)
  28. Favorite non-ed book you’ve read so far this year!  
  29. What’s on your reading list?
  30. How do you support struggling students?  What intervention strategies have you used?
  31. Observe yourself!  Record your lesson using your phone in your pocket and use it to reflect
  32. A peek into my classroom – show us your classroom or describe a typical day / hour
  33. A Day in the LIfe  (#DITL)
  34. Letter to my first-year teacher self…
  35. Tell us about your first day plans!
  36. How do you develop a positive classroom culture?
  37. What would you like to Start doing this school year?  What would you like to Stop doing?  What would you like to Continue doing?
  38. What are your best organizational tips?
  39. My classroom “must-haves” are…
  40. Be the Change… what will you do this year to impact the culture of your school and/or classroom?
  41. What is your focus / theme / mantra for the year and why?  (Quote / Saying / Song?)
  42. What are your favorite formative assessment strategies?
  43. What is your Professional Goal for the year?  Your Personal Goal?
  44. What are your biggest classroom pet-peeves and how do you do handle them?
  45. #Read3 – Share 3 blogs (or blog posts or tweets) that impacted you
  46. Tell us about you!  (20 facts or ABCs?)
  47. What are your New School Year Goals or Resolutions?
  48. What’s your “One Good Thing” for today?
  49. #MyFavFriday – Tell us about your favorite moments of the week!
  50. What do you do on parent night / open house?
  51. What’s the toughest challenge you face as a teacher today?
  52. How do you support / encourage colleagues?
  53. What makes you/your classroom unique?
  54. What are you most proud of in your school community?
  55. What makes your community so special?
  56. Three things on your bucket list.
  57. What’s something/someone you want to celebrate from last school year? Maybe it’s something “that kid” did or said…
  58. What is your school mascot? Describe a fun event / tradition in your school.
  59. #teach180 – Share a photo from your classroom and tell us about it
  60. What I did this summer….

Use these prompts or create your own! Blog daily, weekly, whatever works for you!

Oh yeah! Shared by @cogdog and @burnsidemath

#MTBoSBlaugust so we can all search and enjoy your posts!

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