Stinky Sneakers #MTBoS


Hello, stranger!

Thought I’d give this site a try. I feel like I’m finally starting to move out of the 3 year funk. And I want to be the reflective and effective teacher I was when I first started blogging.

Today was a day students were being called out to meet one on one with admin and counselors to build their schedules for next school year. So I knew they would be in and out of the classroom. I wanted something productive but also flexible for this reason.

Trying some lessons from Math Medic Algebra I, I ran across a review called Stinky Feet It reminded me of the old Ghosts the Graveyard. I basically cut up a worksheet, problems numbered, had an answer key ready to go and stickers!

Stinky Feet ideas!

Each table got a Stinky Sneaker. We used individual whiteboards for work. I had problems cut apart on a table and they’d grab one then exchange for a new one as needed.

Every person on the team had to write down the original problem and show the correct solution in standard form. If everyone was correct, they picked a sticker to decorate their Stinky Sneaker.

I set a timer to ensure we had enough time to tally points before leaving. Each color sticker was randomly assigned points at the end. Points were -5, 0, 5, 10, 20. And the team with most points claimed victory.

Yes, I know some kids copied, but it was their teammates (not me!) pushing them to complete it so the team could get their sticker. And what do you know, but a few of them picked up some skill and understanding along the way.

Yes, some groups worked faster than others. But there was discussion and debate all around. It was a fun way to get some needed practice. They enjoyed it. Good energy during those classes.

What’s a cost efficient and creative structure you use to get needed practice or review that your students enjoy?

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