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Goal – Setting on a Small Scale


During summer PD, we had leadership days focused on the 7 Habits.

I am trying to make lists and prioritize my daily & weekly responsibilities.

This weekend, I wondered why I didn’t try to instill this habit in my students as well.

Whether they go to college, the workforce, they will still need to look ahead and plan.


Each student received an index card and asked to respond to…
List things they have coming up this week.
Prioritize 1,2,3 in their list.
What is something they want to accomplish by Friday? Goal
How will they know they’ve accomplished this? Measure
What are things they can do to help reach this goal? Action Plan

It’s been quite a realization to read these cards this afternoon.  Goals are quite varied, but very telling: doing well on ___ quiz, staying ahead of school work, actually paassing all my classes, study for driving permit test, getting derby car ready for weekend, learn 3 new dances before game, buying a doberman, be nice to people (notice this one didn’t say nicer…I believe it – tough one but I plan to encourage), perfect attendance until Friday (from a student with horrible attendance last year), job applications, physical completed for cheer, goal at physical therapy, food for home, earning money for rent…


Yes, we want to begin with the end in mind, but for some students…thinking ahead to the end of the week is a stretch.  Starting small and we’ll expand as the semester progresses.

Yes, this took about 10 minutes of classtime, but I have gained some new perspectives for most students.  Time invested in making connections.