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The Birthday Heist Breakout (non math post) #escape #breakout


Students’ last day was Friday, with Graduation and Project Graduation that night.

I must be getting older or something, I cannot bounce back as quickly after an almost 24 hour day.  My friend and I created a short Breakout Room for the Seniors at PG “A Year Like No Other” and I will post our clues and game later.

Sunday night my 12 year old told me she would like a breakout room for her birthday.  Monday evening while getting supplies, I picked up a boxed set of 4 games.  She gave a look and informed me she thought I was going to make up one just for her.  Hmmm.  I sat up past my usual bedtime and began planning, wondering what all I could recycle from the Project Graduation game…

Here are the items used for the Birthday Heist:


There were 5 locks they had to get through – the black box has a combination lock as well.  Notice I’ve attached the codes with papers in case its a few months before I need them and I likely will not remember each code.  I learned that the hard way.  Most re-settable locks require you to open before resetting.


I love having fake clues / distractors.  Pictures of people with #’s in the pictures in a folder are great, easy and cheap.  Some of our crumpled “bookmarks” actually read “fake clue.”


Here is a document that outlines my clues / process with The Birthday Heist.  It was a 30 minute game the girls completed in about 28 minutes.  S/O to Ms. KC Potter and some of her ideas/documents I modified for our use!

The Birthday Heist –  goal was to retrieve five items needed for the birthday party.  It seems fairly versatile and can be modified to reflect your birthday group.


It was fun watching the girls.  Most had never played breakout before.  I was shocked several had never played with tangrams…heartbreaking!  They wouldn’t give up on the square, even after breaking out with a different clue, they went back to see if they could complete that puzzle!

Send me a link to your birthday game if you create one / modify mine!  I want to hear how it goes!



First Day of Summer Break #MTBoS30 Post 23 non math


One of my favorite down times is a bit of sewing.  So the first day of summer break, I put off doing laundry (gasp) and got to work on some quick projects.

My 10 yo will be attending camp in just a few weeks.  Since the beloved pet cannot travel along, she chose some kitty fabric for a pillowcase.


For all that dirty laundry, I wanted to help her keep it all together.   With some green chevron she picked out, a laundry bag, complete with shoulder strap.


Finally, something I saw last spring at a swim shop.  Jammer/Capris made from a beach towel.  Great cover up for those late evening meets.