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Make This a Quiz (g-forms)


So yesterday I had the opportunity to share some online resources with colleagues in my district.  What a great day.  I enjoyed the conversations with teachers from different schools, grade levels and content areas.  It really caused me to wonder how these tools might be utilized in their classrooms and their sharing of ideas was awesome!

I’ll be honest.  I was scared.  I’ve done several sessions at conferences or for the sake of sharing information, but never to really teach, with the purpose they would gain a skill or idea and be able to walk out with the ability to use it in their classrooms.  I was very nervous.  What if it was a flop?  What if I went too fast?  What if I assumed too much?  What if I assumed to little?  What if I failed at helping them?  I value their time and wanted it to be beneficial.

The biggest goal of the day was for them to experience google forms from a student’s point of view and then learn to create one; experience quizlet from a student’s point of view and then learn to create one; and finally experience Desmos Polygraph as a student – hoping to peak some interest in learning more about this awesome tool!  We spent the first 2 hours exploring, practicing some skills and the last hour was open for them to create a task/form/stack and/or search for items they could actually use when the school year begins.  I feel this was important.  So many times, we’re given something but never time to really practice using it.

It was an awesome day – everyone was so gracious and great to work with – asking questions, exploring.  Based on their feedback, I feel like everyone walked away with something.  (Thank Goodness!)


This chick was over the moon excited about the Quizzzes tab in g-forms.  What?  I think I’d heard some talk of it, comparing it to flubaroo.  But somehow it had not actually processed until yesterday.  Here’s a follow up video I posted for my colleagues from yesterday – to show their way around, some ideas / things to do.  Please overlook the amateur screen-cast, but you can at least get an idea.

  1.  Once you’ve created your form, go to settings and choose Make this a quiz, make choices and save.
  2. Edit a question, choose answer key to mark correct answer assign points.
  3. Choose feedback to offer feedback for both correct and incorrect answers.  Even better – the option to set up a link to another resource within the feedback.  My idea is to offer questions / suggestions for incorrect responses and a link to online resource/practice/video to help with intervention.  But what makes me even happier is to offer a link within the correct answer feedback to a resource for enrichment/extension.  ***happy dance***  Yes, I realize the question I’ve included in slides is ridiculous, unrelated to links, etc but I was only playing to see what I could do!

Please share other ideas / suggestions you have or run across.  This is so cool!  Very excited about it.

#made4math Monday! INB Pics & Triangle Investigation


INB pics of pages with WPapp

So this is nothing fascinating – but after some comments / favorited tweet about it – I thought maybe it was worth a quick post.

Catching absent students up on their INBs could be a headache – but I’ve been snapping a quick pic and using a WP APP on my phone – its only a matter of tapping share and its done.  I have a class blog already set up.  I simply title my post INB 23 Triangles 8/30/12 – all the information they need to get started on that page – page #, Title and date.

I tried it with a blogger APP and it was just as simple.  I am not as familiar with Edmodo app but I’m sure its just as easy.  Maybe @druinok can weigh in using it since she’s implemented Edmodo for her classes this year!


Another APP I discovered last spring was CamScanner – scan any document and create a PDF file – you can share via email or upload to dropbox, etc.  I realize their are many out there, but this one was free and had good ratings when I downloaded it.

Scan a handout and upload – students have access if they forget it at school or heaven forbid…lose it!  Its posted and even absent students can download it if needed.

Its been a lifesaver on several occasions.  At our PLC meetings – scan our sign-in/agendas and email it on the spot rather than waiting and having another item on my to-do list.

Naming Triangles Investigation

Here’s a sample of a last-minute activity I prepared on Friday.  Geometry was taking their first cumulative assessment – since this is my first year back on a block – I forgot they wouldn’t need the entire time in class.  Just as they were leaving for lunch I realized they had another 20 minutes when they returned!  Aaccckkkk!  I CANNOT waste a moment of time!

I remember using something similar to this way back when I used to teach geometry.  Sure they can name triangles by side lengths & angle measures.  But what if they only had the side lengths – could they tell the specific type of triangle?  They were VERY familar with Pythagorean Theorem – and since we know our Inverse, Converse & Contrapositive now (thanks to Susan!) – stating its converse was a cinch!  Now, let’s use it to determine what types of triangles we have…

Triangle Investigation File

Experimenting and Learning from Others’ #made4math posts


I cannot read all of the #made4math posts without actually doing some of them!  I have been overwhelmed at the amazing projects and tips teachers have been sharing!  I am planning a run to the store to pick up a couple of items needed for my to-do list.  I will share those as I complete them.

Tarsia Math Puzzles

Yesterday I visited @roitzc Math in the Middle and @lysareiger MathReiger to learn more about the Tarsia Math Puzzles from Hermitech Labs.  Its free.  Enough said.  Seriously, though – I gave it a run yesterday, creating a puzzle for Solving Quadratic Equations using Square Roots.  You will need the software installed before downloading the files.  I have not figured out how to translate to PDF yet (feel free to give me tips!).


  • It was easy to navigate.
  • No problems entering equations/solutions.
  • You are given a table to double check your entries for mistakes before printing puzzle.
  • You have options to print different size puzzle pieces.
  • You can choose to print a simplified version – with center pieces of solution attached as starting spot for differentiation purposes.
  • Variety of puzzle types to choose from.
  • Enter title / concept to be printed on back of puzzle pieces.

My first print I was disappointed because my front/back did not match up.  However, I found that if I print the output side first and place those copies in my printer, face up, with top of screen shot from computer for backside is the same as side entering printer first, it lines up perfectly!

DoppelMe – Avatar Creator

This really has nothing to do with the math classroom, but the discussion on twitter the other night was about coming to TMC12 dressed as your avatar – uh.  Well.  My avatar was a picture of me. Boring.  So I ventured out to find a free avatar creator.  Not sure which ones are best but I used DoppelMe to create a version of myself.  They had super-hero costumes – and though I know being a math teacher does require some super-powers, I just didn’t feel worthy to wear the Wonder Woman crown and boots!  I’ll leave that for some of my tweeps at TMC12!!!

Okay, so my hair is not that blond and definitely not that cute cut.  But green is my favorite color!  I only wish they had some scarves in their accessory line. 😦 I am the scarf-queen at RCHS… no one can compete with my scarf collection! Seriously.  People see scarves – they think of me – they buy me one!  I am overwhelmed by their generosity!


Next I stopped by @_CindyWallace_  Sch00l Stuff to learn more about creating a podcast.  I know folks have been doing these for ages – and its something I’ve been interested in for the past year – but I’ve never taken the time to experiment and learn.  So here we go!

Well, that’ll have to wait.  I get my account set up – ready to record and realize…the only mic I have is at school. :/  More on that later!

Crafting at Home

I have to share a project because I know a few of you are sewers…  This is from Make-It Love-It.  She has great tutorials.  And this fabric fishy-bag makes an adorable gift for little girls!