KCM 2012 – Lexington, KY

 Students Using Assessments to Focus Their Learning PowerPoint

KCM 2012 Handouts / Packet Student Assessments

Books Referenced:

More Good Questions – Marian Small, Amy Lin

MJPs Ultimate Math Lessons – Chris Shore

Mathematics Formative Assessment – 75 Practical Strategies – Keeley, Tobey

Sample Unit Organizers:

Unit Organizer Routine, Content Enhancement – research, overview of Unit Organizer from University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning

Functions – Algebra I WordDoc: Down on the Farm Organizer

Ratios/Proportional Reasoning

Empty Student Assessment Tracker

Feel free to modify any of these resources for use in your own classroom:

Math Everywhere in My Town Project


Function Families Investigation  – modified through the years – this small group investigation allows students to learn how to enter different types of functions in graphing calculator; students group functions based on shapes of graph, then give a descriptioni of similarities in the functions’ equations.

Penny Suffleboard

Parabola Patterns Round Robin / Jigsaw

LINEAR investigation

parabola investigation

Absolute Value Transform Investigation


Tic Tac Times – Students pick 2 factos listed at bottom of the page and multiply.  Place game piece on the product.  First player to get 3 or 4 (you pick the rules) in a row, wins!  For more challenge, each player must use one of the factors just used by their opponent.

Systems of Equations

Battleships and Mines – Students work in small groups to determine where their Battleship will intercept enemey lanes; the solution to the system will determine where to place mines on ememy lanes.

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