Day 30 9/22/16




Day 29 9/20/16

Matching Domain and Range with graphs.  Still more practice.

Day 28 9/19/16

Solving and graphing Compound Inequalities with Boss & Secretary.



Day 27 9/16/16

This clip from Thunderbolt Coaster, Coney Island to intro a key features of graphs lesson.  Identify and interpret.


Day 26 9/15/16

Some defining domain / range in Algebra I.

Day 25 9/14/16

Our first day with  I feel like the feedback options are better this year – maybe I was just unuaware last year!

Day 24 9/13/16

Quick Write with Noticing, Pair-Share.  So many big ideas / “critical math” they shared that I can refer back to when we give the critical math a name.  This was a great task to access prior knowledge!


Day 23 9/12/16

My first attempt at VNPS in this classroom and a favorite Remember 9/11 Photo.





Day 22 9/9/16

Yep a perfect square and is scenes triangle kind of day! Door Decorations, Powder Puff Football, Anything Goes Pep Rally, Band Annual Pork Chop Supper and Homecoming Festivities!



Day 21 9/8/16

It was Mathletes vs. Athletes today and I was pumped about my new Desmos socks!   And I just liked this student work on this problem…


Day 20 9/7/16

Was out of classroom for Springboard Training again today.  A colleague said it was the most beneficialpurposeful training she’s ever experienced in almost 20 years.  Look at all the strategies packed into 1 task! And our quick write, then give one, get one with colleagues on ways we engage student thinking.


Day 19 9/6/16

Today was an Instructional Planning students.  Math actual had Day 1 of our Springboard Training.  While unpacking an Embedded Assessment, I said it felt like I needed to diagram a sentence, but I forgot some of the notation. I sent a picture to my ELA colleague and she replied!  Can’t wait to learn more tomorrow!

Day 18 9/2/16

Passed back some feedback only quizzes today in CP classes and introduced (actually gave names) to Math Models NAGS.  Wrapped up the day with the first hone game I was a blessing to attend.  A tough loss to a nearby rival, but proud of how the guys played! Perfect weather for football!


Day 17 9/1/16

No pics today but we had our first official club meeting with Forensics Science Club with 55+ plus students participating.  Wow.  First year and a great turn out! Excited for the adventures ahead!

Day 16 8/31/16

We had a question today concerning the orange highlighted part of the equation.

Students were excited to become a “Fractionator” (think Arnold Schwarzenegger using his good math skills to rewrite an equation without fractions).  And what allows us to do this? Multiplication Property of Equality. Who knew those pesky properties would legalize such fun!


I used an example of 2*(3*4) to begin this discussion.  Why is it not 2*3 * 2*4?

And 1/2*6(5-1)? Why is it not 1/2*6*5 – 1/2*6*1?  I allowed them to discuss within small groups and together.

What other ways would be more effective here?


Day 15 8/30/16

Student thinking with The Crow & the Pitcher

and some of their data collections…

Day 14 8/29/16

A bit of The Crow & the Pitcher to kick off our week in Algebra I.  How many pebbles would you predict it takes to reach the top of the cup?  Tweet me with your prediction. #teach180 #crow&pitcher

Day 13  8/26/16

With BenchMarking for baselines just around the corner, it is impossible to get in the computer lab until the end of September…so I grabbed today, it was available and got to introduce my Algebra I’s to Desmos!  Most classes did a Function Family Polygraph and began the Waterline.

While our class at the end of the day completed Nathan Kraft’s AWESOME Coordinate Plane.  It was a great review for 9th graders who are not always successful and they loved trying to complete the maze!  Kudos to Nathan for this one!


Day 12 8/25/16

Math for Business and Industry participated in mock interviews the past two days with local business volunteers interviewing them and offering feedback.  I even had one call yesterday asking about a student they had interviewed because they may have a part time position very soon and were interested in offering it to that student.


Day 11 8/24/16

Our first card match in Algebra I.  Distance – Time Graphs… Tom’s Journey to the Bus Stop.  Great convos as I began listening in!  Tomorrow we’ll gallery walk and share our thinking with classmates.

Day 10 8/23/16

What could possibly be modeled by this graph?portal

Portal may have been my favorite graphing story.  I was very proud of the students and what they did with it – some great discussions.  Here’s the graphing story Height off the Ground.

I enjoy starting our first unit with the Graphing Stories – it gives me some insight into where students are in their thinking.  Once again – my SwDs are rockin’ it!  If I didn’t know who had IEPs, I could not tell based on their initial graphs.  Some students were very excited to hear they would be creating their own Graphing Stories soon!

Tomorrow will be our first Formative Assessment Lesson from the shell site.

Day 9 8/22/16

Algebra I started the week off with Graphing Stories.  One of my favorites is the guy on the merry-g0-round, distance from the camera…I could kick myself for not getting a student sample of that graph!  ALWAYS have a couple of students who draw the loops.  Maybe I can catch one tomorrow to share!  I used this lesson with my collaborative class today.  I was very excited to see their overall sketches – right on target with only minor tweaks needed.  I have them make an initial graph in one color, then the actual answer in a different color.

Day 8 8/19/16

First week using our new SpringBoard Algebra I Curriculum.  This lesson included some visual patterns, students created graphical models of the patterns.

Day 7 8/18/16

Barfing Monsters – some students are not quite sure how to react when we first start talking about this task!  Seriously?  Is this Algebra I?  High School?  Yep.


Day 6: 8/17/16

#CtC and #stackingcups

Day 5: 8/16/16

Stacking Cups – How many cups are needed for Mrs. Wilson’s height?


Day 4:  8/15/16

First Day with Springboard Algebra I.  Old Faithful Video 

When asked to predict hour long one would have to wait if the last eruption lasted about 8 minutes…I think this represents 5 different strategies.  #tmwyt  I love when students catch their mistake based on a classmates evidence…  The purple 12(7)+46 came from a student who thinks she is “not very good at math.”


Day 3:  8/12/16

Interesting responses – some focused on teacher, some focused on classmates and learning from them, some focused on behavior and paying attention in class, while some focused on the structure of the visual.  Let’s me know how explicit I need to be when introducing new routines.  Makes me realize how the same instructions and the same sentence starters can be interpreted so many different ways.

Day 2: 8/11/16

Introducing some of my favorite routines and tasks today!

  • Which One Doesn’t Belong
  • Estimation180
  • Contemplate then Calculate
  • Talking Points
  • 20 Wishes task

Day 1: 8/10/16

A gift…beach towel bonanza…human knot to kick of 2016-2017.