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True False Statements about Graphs


I have not idea who to give credit to on this document tf-statements.  I’m thinking it looks like @mathymeg07.

So I used it as a beginning discussion with functions.  Students were asked to place a post-it over the T/F questions.  I gave them 1 minute to quick write anything they notice about the given graph, anything they see, anything they think may be important.

We then did a pair-share and finally, I  drew popsicle sticks out and randomly called on students to share something they noticed.

After the sharing, I asked students to remove the post-it, answer the best they could on the T/F.  Then we discussed and shared answers with reasoning.  This is actually a pre-assessment for what I want them to do at the end of the unit… key features, define domain and range, locate / discuss function values from the graph.

The final step, a box at the bottom of the page, asked them to write one more valid statement about the graph.  We then visited a classmate for a Give-One, Get-One.

We repeated this process with 3 more graphs.

As we closed class, students were asked to reflect by completing the sentence.

Something I learned…  Something I realized… Something I was reminded of…