“Smart Talk”


After attending @pispeak’s session on debating in math class st #TMC14 and hearing so much about @cheesemonkeysf’s Talking Points, I wanted to have an anchor chart of sorts for students to refer to, a resource to help them build their accountable talk.

I pulled phrases from Pinterest boards, discussions with others and some of my go-to favorites.

During class the first week, I modeled and encouraged students to agree, disagree, state their claim/warrant, etc.   One student sat up a little straighter as she stated this “smart talk” makes me sound like I know what I’m doing.

So here’s a picture of my board.  I intend to add to it as the year progresses.

Here is the file to accountable talk starters. You’ll need to edit for your own fonts, but it’s a starter for you. Let me know how it goes!


What other phrases, sentence starters or questions would you suggest I include?


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  1. I love your starter board. I was thinking of putting starter statements on the walls. But I like your board better. How did you make the signs?

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