#MTBoS12days Yule Blog Challenge


#MTBoS12days   Yule Blog Challenge

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Holiday break is finally here, so @druinok and I have teamed up to bring you a holiday blogging challenge! I’m really excited about it given that I have blogged very little since the beginning of the semester!

Your challenge… if you choose to accept it… is to blog 12 times over the holiday break. The prompts are listed below and please share your post on Twitter with the hashtag #MTBoS12days. Thanks for joining in!





  • “My Holiday favorites” (you choose)
  1. treats & recipes to share
  2. inexpensive gifts to give
  3. holiday memories
  • a success story from this semester
  • How I relax and rejuvenate over the break
  • a book I’ve read… a book I’m reading… a book I want to read…
  • Reflection on last semester… What will I start, stop and continue in the new semester?
  • a tried and true task/strategy – I can always count on
  • a Moment / a-ha that challenged me as a teacher & how I handled it
  • 1 thing i want to improve next semester
  • classroom wishlist
  • looking forward to in 2016…
  • New Year Resolutions – Personal and/or professional
  • Something that makes me proud to be a – Laker, trojan, Knight, Wildcat, Eagle… etc.

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