Always, Sometimes, Never: Getting to Know Your Students #mtbosblaugust


I think my first true memory of Always, Sometimes, Never was a second semester Geometry course during undergraduate. My professor’s exams ALWAYS had true false and you were asked if it were always, sometimes or never true. If sometimes, you explain when and if it were never, you rewrote the statement to make it always true.

As a teacher, I remember experiencing these from the Discovering Geometry book. But was fully aware of using them… Was it Making Thinking Visible? More Good Questions? 75 Formative Assessment Classroom Techniques? or the FALs from Mathshell? Uhm. Likely all of the above.

Always, Sometimes, Never #75facts

As an anticipation guide prior to lesson or unit

As a carousel activity to share thinking.

But these tweet from @MrsSheenanMath and the thread to follow it…

… made me want to jot down shared ideas – file them in a doc or keep so I can quickly add to as I see or think of more. I love the idea to use non-math ASN to get to know students, what they are thinking, their experiences. I created a doc where we can share ideas, build a list! Please add to it!

Always Sometimes Never, NON Math

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