#made4math Monday 2016


Sharing an idea today that reminds me of my Ice Cube Gum container that became my paperclip holder in my teacher bag, an idea I shared on my 3rd #made4math post ever. 


I still use it today! And I have another I use to store random dice.

This spring I noticed students with these fancy gum containers.




Are perfect to store card sort, flashcards, matching activity.  Cards are about an 8th of a sheet of standard paper, so smaller than standard index cards.  But one could easily print 8 cards to a page.


I asked students to donate the empty gum containers to their favorite math teacher. And several did.  I actually bought a pack today.  $1.98 for 35 pieces of gum and a super cool container vs. $0.96 for 15 pieces in a throw-a-way package.  In my opinion, a no-brainer bargain!

What other ideas for these cute containers?

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