Where’s Waldo… in Room 148


Over Christmas break I visited a 5 Below store and ran across a Waldo.  I thought – he is totally worth the price marked.  I had no clue what I would do with him, but I’d soon find out.

About a month into last semester, I placed Waldo in my room.  Some students noticed him.  Others were still looking for him.  I was surprised at how many never had heard of “Where’s Waldo?”

Anyway, as the semester progressed, students asked if they could start hiding him.  I agreed.  The only 2 rules – Waldo must stay in Room 148 and Waldo must be visible.

Students would come in daily – looking forward to finding Waldo’s newest hiding place.  And getting the chance to hide him for the next class.  It was quite hilarious.

Something so simple brought a bright spot and smile multiple times a day.

Do you have something that is unique to your classroom?  Something students look forward to coming in and seeing on a daily basis?

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